Keep Bias Out Of Science water bottle sticker / laptop decal


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"Keep Bias Out Of Science" sticker (1.64” x 2”)
These stickers have a clear background!

Perfect for the scientist or future scientist!

All stickers are made of vinyl & are waterproof/reusable.
Will adhere to any clean surface!

Try them on laptops, vehicles, water bottles, mugs, glass, nalgene bottles, lab benches, tablets and more!

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What do you call a BIASED scientist?

The mission of #science is simple: to describe - as best we can - how the world works 🔬, what’s in it 🦠, and how it became the way it is now 🌎

So then... What makes a GOOD #scientist?
It’s as easy as having a little creativity & the ability to *objectively* interpret data 🌈

Scientists are SERIOUS (!!!) about being objective, so precautions are taken to minimize the risk of #bias . This includes:
📍using large sample sizes
📍reporting undesirable results
📍including positive/negative controls
📍randomly selecting study participants

There is simply NO room for bias in science 🚫 because it can skew results & render the experiment irreproducible.
However, even with these considerations, hidden biases are still known to affect our outcomes.

Science is one of the few fields that views bias as particularly egregious, so it hurts to see many people in the scientific community suffering from the very same biases we work so hard to avoid in the lab.

I can barely scroll through my feed without seeing gender, conformity, racial, and beauty biased comments in #scicomm 🥺

Imagine how it must feel. To carefully prepare a scientific post... just to have your appearance/identity/motives (OF ALL THINGS!) questioned because you look different than your run-of-the-mill scientist.

So, this REALLY got me thinking.. Is there more we can do to improve our understanding of the world and further reduce research bias? 🤔💭

I think yes!
As we learn more about the world and develop increasingly complex scientific questions, we must ask ourselves: are there any weaknesses in our approach? In my opinion, a major weakness that needs to be addressed is the bias we impose on each other. Similar to our concern with research bias, accepting bias in the workplace is a dangerous game & has the potential to impose further hidden biases in our work. It’s our time to practice true science neutrality and #keepbiasoutofscience ! Will you join me? ☺️

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